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Parcel RFP

A pre-filled RFP with questions we've heard from you.

Section 1: Company Information

Company Overview

Company Name, HQ Address and primary contact informationPeaberry Software, Inc., 9450 SW Gemini Dr., Suite 43920, Beaverton, Oregon 97008
Year established2020
MissionTo streamline the email creation process.

What sets your company apart from other competitors?

Parcel is an email-specific development tool, — meaning it prioritizes all the intricacies of email development that differentiate it from web development.

Parcel has integrations with many partners, including Can I Email, which will flag email client support for many aspects of your code that are common to see on the web (custom fonts, GIFs, hover effects), but sometimes not always supported in email.

Tools like dark mode emulation, accessibility checking, link, and image validation, as well as full inbox previews and a feedback and approvals suite, enable email creators to ensure designs are fully accessible and approved by stakeholders all under one roof before exporting to any ESP.

Section 2: Security & Compliance

Security Documents:

Privacy Policy
Terms & Conditions

Section 3: Platform

Data Management

What are your export methods and capabilities?

You can export your entire workspace content.

As well as granular per-email exporting capabilities:

  • Export HTML — copies the HTML of your email to the clipboard.
  • Export via ZIP — inclusive of imagery or assets used in the HTML.
  • Export via PDF — perfect for sharing with legal teams, including image preview, plain text, and links.

Does your platform support multi-tenancy to support multiple account management within one instance?

Parcel supports workspaces where users and admins can be assigned to specific workspaces. Perfect for agencies that support multiple brands with varying account managers

Campaign Orchestration

Describe how your platform supports the creation of lifecycle campaigns.Parcel allows email creators to code, design, run a full suite of tests (accessibility, link validation, image validation, and Spamassasin) and manage feedback all under one roof. With easy importing and exporting capabilities, email creators are enabled to build emails and manage stakeholder relations seamlessly.

Design and Build

How does Parcel handle asset organization and management?Workspaces, and foldering, allow for creators to organize their assets.
Do you allow foldering of assets? If yes, is there an out-of-the-box system?Yes, creators can create custom foldering to organize their assets.
Do you support permissioning by asset category?Currently Parcel does not offer developer or editor user roles, but users can be assigned to different workspaces.
Do you have the ability to support adaptive content?No
What data elements can your platform utilize for personalization?Parcel does not support dynamic previewing leveraging custom attributes or events.
Do you provide a template editor that allows you to jump between html source code and in-line/wysiwyg changes?No
Do you provide a Drag and Drop template editor?No

Product Roadmap

Do you have a product roadmap for 2022-2023?Yes! It's a good one.
What is your company’s primary focus area for R/D for 2022-2023?Helping teams scale their email creation process by unblocking non-technical marketers and improving their testing and feedback loops.
How often do you update your roadmap?Almost every day.
How do you communicate product changes and updates?We publish a weekly changelog every Friday, and send out a monthly product update newsletter that reflects any larger forward facing changes.
How do you communicate product changes and updates?We practice continuous development and ship updates multiple times a week.


How do you communicate Planned Downtime to your customers?We have never had to plan downtime.
How often do you have Maintenance & Releases? How do you communicate this to your customers?Any customer-impacting changes we communicate via in-app messages, and practice continuous deployme

Section 4: Marketing Channels


What is your QA & proofing functionality?Parcel offers a full testing suite, and inbox previews.
Are you able to show proofs on different browsers, email platforms, devices?Yes
Can you see how an email will render for a specific User without having to send an email?Currently we do not offer dynamic user lookup.
How does saving my work happen? Do you autosave? Can I see revisions over time?Autosave ensures your work won't be list. Our Business subscription offers a detailed log of all actions taken by your team for the past 30 days.
Are multi-languages supported in email building? If so, please describe how this is implemented.Although you could build multi-languages in with your ESP's templating language, we do not currently offer previewing via custom templating language.
How does your email layouts work?You can leverage HTML and CSS, alongside Components and Snippets to create customized email layouts to your needs.
Are you able to lock aspects of templates or access to templates?You can create components which can be controlled by the individual creator.
Does your platform allow for content scrapes from websites?Yes
Does your platform allow saving frequently used content snippets? Where can these snippets be applied?Yes – snippets (which can also be private) are shared across your entire account and all workspaces, and can be utilized in all emails!
Are we able to customize pre-header text for each email?Yes
Explain your ability to pick and choose preset templates, modify existing templates, or create custom templates.Emails, and templates are completely custom to you. If you are looking for a responsive starter template, Cerberus offers responsive templates that can be brought into Parcel.

Section 5: Implementation & Customer Success

Implementation Process

What resources do you provide to support the implementation process?We recommend referencing our Docs for any account specifics, or replying to any of our onboarding emails to help answer any questions!

Customer Success

How is your client services/support team structured? Specifically, who do clients reach out to for standard questions, project scoping, best practice information, etc.?At any point in time, you can Contact Support through the lower left hand side of your Parcel workspace. As Parcel is a part of the team, your support request will be connected with the Customer Support team, where someone will be able to assist you with any Parcel related inquiry.
What channels/platforms are available for support?Parcel supports email inquiries.
Do you have a customer community?Yes — emailgeeks Slack :)
How are customers able to influence the product roadmap?Talk to us! Feature requests we take very seriously, and they often have a direct influence on our roadmap.
Do you provide US based Customer Support teams?Yes


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