What Does It Paste

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Mark Robbins@M_J_Robbins

Parcel has built a new free tool! What Does It Paste is a new tool enabling developers to see and debug the reality of their code.

Often times, pasting in code includes more bloat than you might realize. This may include extra hidden HTML characters that could change the way your email renders in certain email clients. Or it could be extra styles, classes or other attributes that just add unnecessary weight to the file size.

Test for junky HTML — which will highlight any extra HTML that’s been pasted in.

With the option to copy the plain text, you can ensure that you only paste in clean HTML.

Once you have pasted in your content, we have 3 ways you can export it.

  • Copy Plain Text - This give you just the text from the content you put in. It will remove any HTML elements, hidden characters or added styling. Great for when you just want text to be text.
  • Copy Cleaned HTML - This gives you the text, plus the HTML, but without and extra styling. Some hidden characters that are know to cause issues will be removed but other will be preserved.
  • Copy Raw Content - This button is on the top right corner of the output window. This gives you the raw code as it is. This is useful for debugging issues in some email clients. For more information on how to use this effectively check out the video below. that looks at using diff checking and a different version of a ‘what does it paste’ toll to help debug emails.
Using What Does It Paste to review code.

Have a go at using What Does It Paste, and let us know what you think!