Store alt text with your images

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Now, with Parcel, when uploading an image, you can include default alt text that will automatically be added to your email code when you insert the image — saving you and your team time and maintaining alt text consistency!

As email marketing continues to be a crucial part of any digital marketing strategy, it's important to ensure that your emails are as accessible as possible. One key aspect of accessibility is the use of alt text, which is a brief description of an image that screen readers read for visually impaired users. However, constantly writing out alt text descriptions for every image in every email can be a time-consuming task.

This new feature ensures those who are working cross-functionally can repeatedly use images with consistency. When alt text is manually written out for each image, it can be easy to forget or accidentally omit alt text for certain images. By storing default alt text with the image file, you can ensure that alt text is always included and consistent across all images in your email.

It’s important to remember that default alt text, although quick and easy to use, may still need to be customized on a per-email basis. The context that an image is used in may change the alt text you want to reference.

To use this new feature, select your image file and add in your desired alt text at the top of the file.

Adding an alt text description to an image file

Next time you want to use that image in an email, select insert and your image and alt text will be automatically included in your email code.

Inserting an image and demonstrating the automatic alt text included