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Tools like email preview or Parcel’s screenshot feature have enabled marketers to easily document their favorite emails for future inspiration or save their own work for one’s portfolio.

But when presenting such emails, you may encounter that often you have an email that's too long to fit on one page comfortably in slide decks or on landing pages. And full-length screenshots of emails aren’t usually reflective of what customers experience in their own inboxes, are they?

Subscribers are most likely used to some form of scrolling. And when presenting such emails, how great would it be if you could include a GIF of your email doing that exact action?

Now you can! Scroll my email will automatically generate a scrolling GIF of any email screenshot you upload.

Email scrolling
Email scrolling

Slides and presentations

Need to insert your email screenshot into a slide deck for an upcoming presentation?

Set your height, width, and preferred scroll speed, and voila. You’ve got a GIF of your email ready to insert into your presentation that automatically pans down the full height to the bottom so that your audience isn’t left squinting at the content.

Embedding into a landing page

For blog posts or on various website landing pages, it may be tempting to create a mockup of an email that scrolls. Get the exact feel of scrolling an email by inserting your email into a phone or computer mockup as a scrolling GIF.

Use Scroll My Email next time you need to show off your email.