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We’re excited to share that we’ve brought HowToTarget (aka into the Parcel tools suite! We'll continue to work with the email community to build it out as How To Target Email Clients and are even more excited about looking at ways we can integrate it into Parcel to enable email creators to build better (& more targeted) emails.

How To Target Email Clients (HowToTarget) started as a repository of email development techniques for singling out email clients and platforms. We’ve loved it as an amazing resource for email developers for years. In fact, we previously sponsored it!

Need to single out iOS Mail 13? How To Target Email Clients has documented the exact code you’ll need to include in your next email campaign to make it happen. HowToTarget is packed full of various classes, CSS outlines, and targeted tags to isolate email clients based on needs successfully.

Refreshed and Retested

With this acquisition, we created a new universal email that tests every single hack in a single location! This is still a work in progress, but we’re excited to see it in action.

Screenshot showing desktop targeting
Screenshot showing desktop targeting

All 55 hacks are being re-tested.

We want to be 100% confident that the code you find on the site is accurate and has an example of how to use it.

We’ve published the test message and full results of the hacks for everyone to see and learn from.

How to Target started out as a doc full of targeting hacks Mark had been collecting. I’m glad to have been able to make that information readily available to thousands of other email developers, but he and the other contributors are the real brains of the operation. I know the project’s maintainership is in safe hands with Parcel, who have both the knowledge and resources to keep improving it.

– Dylan Smith, HowToTarget Creator

Thank you!

A huge thanks goes to Dylan Smith for shepherding this resource into existence and the EmailGeeks community for continuously offering open-source knowledge sharing that has grown the foundations to where it is today.

As always, we are looking to the future to see how we continue to support this amazing community. If you have ideas for how we can grow How To Target Email Clients or any of our other resources, let us know!