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Email is hard. A lot of the blogs and pages I write start with that sentiment.

Luckily we're not alone. An abundance of tools were created specifically to help us with the challenges and creative opportunities in front of us. We have tools for transactional email, marketing email, customer lifecycle messaging, email creation, coding, analytics, and so much more! But of course, with so many tools, it's a challenge is knowing which tool is right for the job.

We created emailresourc.es to help with this. But learning from others is a whole different game – it's something that's been integral to the collaborative nature of the web. Viewing the source code of the website, inspecting the raw file of an email, open source projects – these help us along our own discovery processes.

This brings us to examine.email. We're bringing that same discoverability we expect from HTML and CSS to the tools that we use to send emails.

With it, you can simply drag and drop an EML file and we'll do our best to tell you which service sent it! Plus, you'll get an easy-to-share link so you can share what you've learned with others!

Demo of analyzing an EML file via examine.email

A favor to ask

Right now we are identifying 52 sending services. But there is so much more to do! We'd love to report analytics platforms, dynamic images, and email editors.

To do that we need your help!

Please send an email to avi+esp@useparcel.com with the name of the service you used to send the email and the name of the editor you used to build the email. And ideally, if you can include a tracking pixel from the analytics service you use or a dynamic image, that would be absolutely huge!

Happy sending,

Avi Goldman