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Brian Bock@BrianBock16

Not to toot our own horn, but Parcel has lots of features. Many of them are quite useful but not particularly obvious - hidden away behind menus, buttons, or keyboard tricks you just have to know. I wanted to make feature discovery more fun; to incorporate a way for users to seek out and discover new features and functionalities in Parcel on their own.

The result is some Parcel gamification and the launch of our new Achievements system. Much like in a video game, a variety of actions you take within Parcel will unlock achievements. Each achievement, when first achieved, comes with a notification and celebratory confetti, which we think is quite fun. See the achievements you've unlocked and the ones you haven't gotten yet in your profile settings page.

Take a look around and try some new things! Click those buttons you've never clicked before and see what they do. Be adventurous and get as many achievements as you can! We'll get you started with the first achievement as a freebie - create a new email and see the confetti fly 🎉! The rest you'll need to seek out on your own.

Demo of the 'Create a new email' achievement